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About Us


We are active we are professional!

SLPJS is a popular name in the Field to provide service in India and thousands of satisfied clients. We have changed the standard to provide service under one platform in India. We always bring the latest facilities with latest income opportunity to our clients and offer those at really cheap rate. We never compromise in the service factor and that has made us unique for our clients. We deal in best quality GPS VEHICLE TRACKER , INSURANCE SECTOR, TELECOMMUNICATION SECTOR, HEALTH PREVENTION SECTOR, SPEED GOVERNOR, RETRO REFLECTIVE TAPE and many more.

SLPJS SERVICE PVT LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of VVS Communications, has a long history in the security electronics field. The company has served thousands of clients and has been ranked among the top ten providers of personal safety, professional safety and tracking. SLPJS is also among the first few Indian companies to offer Multi Product Under One Platform.